Why SurgeoCare

SurgeoCare offers a unique combination of premier online health advising and appointment booking solution to all Indians and arranging low cost medical treatments for the patients from foreign countries. Market research indicates that there is a significant need for third opinion for hospital's details and a common platform for doctor's appointment booking within hospitals also indicates that need for a online tool for online surgery booking services within this region and we believe that by developing competent and well-prepared online application and providing with organized and systematic tool, we can become the best and large health solution of choice across the country.

SurgeoCare is an online healthcare advisor website which provides you 24x7 information the best of Doctors, surgeons, hospitals and healthcare facilities, available in India and overseas. That's just the beginning, and the list goes on... tailor-made yet economically priced surgery packages, online appointment / s with the Doc of your choice, online consultation, upkeep of your health records, etc. With SurgeoCare at your disposal, the most affordable and yet the best healthcare services is just a click away. Website provides information about various hospitals in India, appointment booking facilities, different surgery packages and more.